Summer Nannies

Summers can be just as busy, if not busier, than during the school year. Whether you need help with pick-up and drop-off from camp or would like your kids to have a relaxed, custom summer experience at your home, we can help. Your summer nanny can expose your child to another culture, plan out daily one-on-one lessons and experiences, and supervise outings to the library, museums, the zoo, or the pool.

What are the criteria for a summer nanny?

  • Summer placements can be either part-time or full-time (based on family’s needs).

  • Summer placements occur  between June 15th and September 15th (family is able to select the start and end dates within this window).  If the placement lasts beyond September 15th, it may fall under a different placement category.

Services Included:

  • Free consultation with Family Placement Coordinator/Owner

  • Trial run option

  • Nanny/Family Contract

  • All background screening, drug testing,  and fingerprinting

  • Copy of screening results, employment history, and more given to you

  • Our replacement guarantee


During the entire process, there are only two payments: the initial enrollment fee of $125 which activates the search and then the placement fee of $375 at the conclusion of the search.

Enrollment fee:

Before beginning the search for a nanny, we would have a family meeting at no cost to you. During this time, we review your family’s needs and concerns, as well as what qualities, skills, and traits you are looking for in a nanny. No charge is made until your file is activated with the $125 enrollment fee.

Placement fee:

Once the caregiver is officially assigned, there will be a flat placement fee of $375. There are no other hidden fees associated with our services.  We will take care of the background screens, motor vehicle screens, drug testing, sales tax, etc.


Our guarantee

You have a guarantee! If your caregiver does not work out, give us a call and we will find you a replacement.

Why do we offer this? Because we have your family’s best interests in mind, and because we do our very best to make sure you will never have to use it!