Four Simple Steps to finding your nanny!

  1. Family Consultation

  2. Search & Screening

  3. Candidate/Family Meetings

  4. Finalization

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Family Consultation

A family consultation can be done over the phone, or an in-home visit can be scheduled with a Family Placement Coordinator. During this time, the Family Placement Coordinator comes to a clear understanding of what qualities, skills, and traits you are looking for in a nanny.

The search is activated with the deposit or enrollment fee.  The family meetings are free of charge, and no charge is made until activation.

Search & Screening

Our next step is to begin the process of interviewing the caregivers on your behalf.  If there are no preexisting caregivers in our database who fit your home, then an expanded search will be done; however, this will not come at an additional cost to you. 

The screening process will include:

•        Verification of CPR and First Aid certification

•        Background screening

•        Fingerprint scanning

•        Drug testing

•        Motor vehicles screen

•        Valid references

•        Previous childcare experience

•        Verification of identity


Candidate/Family Meetings


Each nanny profile you receive will include the applicant’s job history, references, picture, education history, and their biography. Upon review, you, the parents, decide if you would like to meet any of the candidates. This will be your opportunity to interview the candidate yourself.  You will have the final say as to who will be your nanny.   

*Please note: once a profile has been sent over to you, your deposit is no longer refundable.


Once you choose a caregiver, the caregiver goes through the final security screens.  The Nanny Smith Agency completes all necessary paperwork, including the drafting, approval, and signing of the official contract between Family and Caregiver.   Final payment is due prior to Nanny’s start date.