Part B - online:

This section is only for applicants who have already:

1.       Filled out Part A (original application)

2.       Spoken to the Family Placement Coordinator, who has scheduled an upcoming interview

Please note: you have the option of filling out this material online prior to your interview. This will decrease your wait time when you arrive.  However, if you do not have a printer or prefer to fill out this paperwork at the time of your interview, you are welcomed to do so, but we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before the start of your interview.  

Please complete the form below:

Name *
Please fill in your legal (given) name. Any nicknames can be placed in ( ). For examples: Abigail (Abby) Williams
Childcare Experience
Please take the time to fill in all work and childcare work experience information. Please fill out as many sections as needed.
Daycare and Teaching Experience
Non-childcare Work Experience
Additional information
In which counties are you willing to work? *
Are you okay with parents working in the home? *
Please select anything below with which you have experience, either professional or otherwise: *
Please select as many that applies:
Emergency contact information

What are the duties you have done int the past?

Teaching conflict resolution

Encouraging good manners

Maintaining safety

Running errands

Caring for pets

Managing contractor visits

Helping children through separation anxiety

School drop-off and pick-up

Assisting with homework

Transporting to sports, playdates, and extracurricular activities

Preparing and serving meals

Spanish tutor

Doing children’s laundry

Doing parents’ laundry

Grocery shopping


Making appointments for children

Basic tidying after children

Handling home bills

Cleaning the entire home

Implementing discipline programs to promote positive behavior

Providing travel/vacation care

Providing infant care including: preparing and cleaning bottles, feeding, managing nap schedule potty training

Engaging the children with games, puzzles, stories, nature walks, sing-alongs, arts and crafts

Providing overnight care



Don’t make the number one mistake:

The number one advice I can give you is…


Nannies often overly focus on how much other people are being paid or how much they have been paid in the past.

When deciding on your rate, please consider the following:

1. The reality is that not every family can afford to pay the same amount. Wanting a raise from a new family is not always feasible.

2. Each position is unique, and requirements vary greatly. Some families will only want your help with child-related activities; others might request additional help with household errands and chores.

3. Answer this question: Would you rather work for a family you love, in an environment you enjoy, and make a reasonable salary OR would you rather earn a higher rate at a job you hate? We at The Nanny Smith strive to take on ONLY families that we ourselves would want to work for, so if your preference is the latter, then we might not be the right agency for you.

4. We will negotiate your salary, vacation time, paid holidays, and general paid time off. Sometimes if you ask for a less affordable weekly salary, the family is less inclined to offer a generous benefits package.


Other forms that will need to be signed (please note, the following will be provide at the time of your interview).

  • Background screens Release

  • Photo Releases

  • Your Commitment

“Through a series of questions that identified my style as a nanny as well the preferences of the household I work for today, I was matched with a wonderful family... all thanks to this agency! I am very thankful to have met Shanotte who really cares about the families looking for nannies as well as the nannies looking for a family! She is very sweet and determined to find the best fit on both ends! I 100% recommend this company for families seeking a nanny and for nannies looking to broaden their experience by being placed with a lovely family!”
— Angela F. (Yelp)