Background Check, Drug Test, Motor Vechile

and Finger Scanning Information


Safety should not be a reason to be robbed!

Often other agencies will include most of the screens they offer, but watch out for the fine print. They will charge you an additional fee for motor vehicle history or drug tests.  If you were thinking that every agency fingerprints job-seekers, you were mistaken.  Fingerprinting is not a state requirement and majority of agencies in the state of New Jersey does not fingerprint.  


The Nanny Smith Screening Package

The Nanny Smith fully screens any nanny that will work in your home. Children’s safety and well-being is your every thought and concern and we have made it ours, too.  From our drug screening, background and fingerprinting of our nannies, we insure peace of mind by making sure your top priorities are ours.  


Any nanny must successfully pass the following before beginning in your home:

  • Application and interview process including pre-screening and personal interview.
  • Education, legal right to work, employment history, and reference checks.

Background checks including:

  • Social security traces
  • County/state criminal record search
  • Motor vehicle history and national record search
  • National sex offender
  • Registry that includes ALL known AKAs and aliases in ALL locations where candidates have resided, been employed, or attended school in the last 7 years.
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Drug testing


What is the difference between a background check on the Internet and The Nanny Smith?

In general, it is difficult to measure an instant internet background check.  It can provide you the history for a single name scan of a database that only covers specific types of criminal records, or may even gather the incorrect information. This happens if you were to search the person with the same name, but wrong identity. 


Why Fingerprint?

Our background screening is very comprehensive and will do its job, but there is always an extra level of trust and comfort when the person you hired is willing to give you a copy of their identity in order to insure you that they will take anything that is theirs and that they have nothing to hide in their history.