Full- Time Nannies

A full-time, live-out nanny is one who works 30 or more hours per week. is considered full time for a live-out nanny. live out long-term nannies are nannies who are working 30 or more hours ongoing basis for a minimum of 1 year or more. For a long-term placements there are only two payments you are required to pay: the initial activation enrollment of $295 and then the commission of 12% at the conclusion of the search. You have a guarantee of two replacements for one year. If at any point during the year the caregiver does not work out, give us a call and we will find your replacement caregiver. There are no other hidden fees associated with our services. We will take care of the background screens, motor vehicle screens, drug testing, sales taxes, etc.

Part-Time Nannies

Part-time, live out nannies work 10-29 hours per week.

Registration fee: $295.00

Placement fee: 15% of nanny’s first year salary.

Guarantee: one replacement in one year.

After-School Nannies

Registration of $295.00 to activate the search initially.
Final placement of 15% the nannies first year salary.
Guarantee includes: 1 replacement in 1 calendar school year.

Please note: any part time position with a consistent start time after 2 pm is considered an After-school placement.

Live-In Nannies

$249.95 Registration
$3,500+ Flat placement fee
Various guarantees available


Weekend Nanny Placements

Weekend placement is a nanny that comes in on a regular monthly basic. While the schedule can be irregular/flexible and is not required to be every week or even bi-weekly, it typically has a continuously relationship through the year. Weekend placement only qualify as a weekend placement and not a weekend placement and not a part-time placement if the hours do not start until after 5pm on a Friday, anytime on Saturday or Sunday. Any weekday involvement will disqualify it from a weekend placement.

Registration of $295
Flat placement fee of $375
Guarantee of: 1 replacement within a limited time

Temporary Care

Summer Nannies

Registration of $125
Flat placement fee of $375
Guarantee of: 1 replacement within limited time

Assisted Background Screening Services

If you have already found a nanny but would like to ensure that she has safe criminal history and is drug -free, The Nanny Smith Agency will do a full, comprehensive screening for a fee of $350.00. The comprehensive background screening includes: motor vehicle screen, 10 -panel drug test, fingerprinting, national sex offender report, Social Security search, education or professional licensing verification search, and a statewide criminal felony search.