The Nanny Professional Development Seminar will help you to identify and develop your unique skills and abilities and learn how to effectively market yourself to find the best nanny position possible.  We will help you with revising and building your resume and/or profile.  We will review where and how to apply for jobs, including instructions on how to use the latest online job search resources.  We can help you figure out what you might be doing wrong.  We will discuss interview skills and how to answer those “hypothetical situation” questions!  Whether you are new to the field or a mature nanny looking to re-enter the field, we will help you create a personal Game Plan!

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If you would like additional one-on-one time with one of our counselors to address a particular area of need, you may sign up for a 30 or 60-minute time slot, either on the day of the seminar or on a separate day. After signing up, one of the counselors will reach out to you in order to review your preferred day and time slot.
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